FGear Vehicle Physics (v1.4)

As long as it is modifiable at source level… it should be okay.

There is a crazy amount of runtime control with this asset. Thanks for your work on this.

I’ve made many adjustments to the plugin for my purposes but it’s all working quite well.

Is there anything I should keep in mind for updates going forward? I’m gonna have a bunch of fun trying to diff my changes against yours haha

thank you.

we try to make minimal changes with updates so i believe you won’t have a hard time with merges.

Blueprints parameter Options by side arrow

In 4.27 (in 4.25 fine) for some reason it not saves the open arrow tabs. So, every time you change the tabs are closed and needs to be reopen again.

I mean this ones:

On change to other component and come back again they are closed. I want they keep open until i decide close like in 4.25.

No idea if this is a editor problem or due the 4.27 FGEAR update, any idea?

we didn’t change anything about those so it should be about unreal itself, we’ll take a second look though.

I think this is what we spoke about… however I don’t recall it working in 4.25 unless I’m mistaken.

Annoying little thing though when your testing many things

@lazybitgames Have you tried this for the wheels? Radial Motion Blur | Unreal Engine Documentation. Never used it myself.

looks cool but we mostly focus on physics rather then visual/game specific stuff.

Hi! I am making a small feature in FGearEngine. But I cannot find calculations on the Internet for Engine Turbo Boost (in PSI). Maybe do you have the necessary formulas for this calculation?

I find calculator for engine boost psi boost for horsepower target calculator - racingcalcs

P.S In my case end variable “EngineBoost” need this for engine sounds (bov and etc)

sorry i have no useful idea about it.

Hello @lazybitgames,

can you help me how to avoid these impossible jumps in a low speeds? The ground is a mesh with complex collision. There can be just a small spike on the ground and it will often ends in a crazy collision: Fgear jumps - YouTube

normally you should have a separate mesh for collision here(this is how i would solve this), it doesn’t make sense to drive on such surfaces.

to have more stable drive on bumpy surfaces try Suspension Relaxation Downforce option and use a high relaxation damper value.

in code you may be able detect sharp changes in suspension compression and avoid wild responses, this may(not) work.

But I think this is not caused by the suspension, but with the ground collision with a car collision, not with the tire. Collisions with the tires seems ok.

if it’s about ground collision then try using complex(per triangle) collision.

people have reported weird collision issues before like invisible hard edges that collide with the vehicle body. could be a problem with unreal itself not sure, switching to complex collision may help.

Do you mean this? (I already have it like that):

I through that this is only settings that can make mesh with per poly collisions.

can you send me that model in the video for testing via mail.

Ok, sent.

well, the vehicle body hits the ground and results an unwanted push like that, it seems normal to me. using a better collider may be helpful:

I will try, I using custom collision an that is only slightly like on your picture (I wanted to have it exactly like car model shape). I will try to cut it more, but doubt.

But I cannot agree that it is normal behavior. When I drive straight at 40 km/h and it will make crazy jump and I will end on the roof - that is not real, not even arcade. Maybe would be solution to be able to decrease some Z forces when coliding from bottom to up.

So, better car collision does not helped :frowning: