Few questions about foliage tool


My current levels use a lot of foliage, and I now I am starting to scratch my head with some issues.
I am using version 4.7 currently.

1)When undoing a foliage paint (ctrl-z), all the hidden foliage details pop up (the menus) visible again.
It`s rather tiresome since there is like 20 foliage brushes out of which I want to use only 1, especially since I am
working on a single monitor it takes a lot of scrolling to find the correct brush again.

2)No way to use fill foliage tool anymore, I believe? Painting grass can be quite time consuming.

3)Any way to set physical objects/blueprints to foliage paint? I have some breakable mushrooms in my forest
that go poof when you step on them, and tree cones that roll around, but putting them 1 by 1 is quite time consuming.

Thanks for any hints you might have. :slight_smile:

for the second question i would say select all the grass parts that you want… increase the size of the brush and the density of the brush and it will place the grass and it won’t look patchy…

Play around with the main brush as well as the settings for the grass itself?

  1. in the 4.8 foliage tool it will be much easier to organise everything
  2. as Lukecliff already mentioned, you will have to do it with the brush size
  3. Atm it’s not possible, but I think in 4.8 there will be some improvements -> so either place them by hand or with a own spawning system :slight_smile:
  1. Thanks, Ill look forward to final 4.8 version then. :slight_smile:
  2. Yeah, of course I know about the brush sizes. But painting dense foliage on large maps still take a lot of time and patience, at least on my system specs.
  3. Look towards 4.8 then again :). But tbh, I don`t keep my hopes too high for this issue, Culling system at least could cause some serious problems I think.

What I would also love to use, would be to set up additive materials to foliage, so the brush could randomly pick from different material instances I`ve set, so that
there would be diversity in the foliage colours. Now I do that by having different foliage brushes for each colour, which works too of course. The ammount of brushes
just gets high ^^.