Feet IK problem

So I followed the IK tutorial a while back, but I have a question. How do you tell the knee where to go when it bends? I’m getting a sort of kink-legged thing going on:

I have not checked the IK setup in UE4 so I may be using the wrong terminology. IK setups relies on two bones and one world space direction for orientation. It is usually called a Polevector. From what I can see from the Documentation, image below, there are two inputs. One is the effector, which is the location where the IK will try to reach. I assume the Joint Target Location would be the location for which the polevector is calculated. See if you can feed a vector to it.

In Maya, I would get the location of the Thigh Joint/Bone, then add the forward vector of the pelvis, this will make the knee try to point forward in relation to the lower body. I would recommend a similar approach. There are more complex setups that are more stable, but it should be a good starting point. You could then try to blend in some influence of the foot direction.


That explains what the joint target is. I think you’re right. Thank you!

Yep, I fiddled with it and it did change how it looked. I’ll try to derive it from the pelvis like you suggested.

Hi Guys,
We have just done this; A single drag and drop node

Maybe of interst

That is exceptional. You can bet your *** I’m going to check it out. Thanks dude! I haven’t watched the whole video yet as I’m at work - is there a download link or is it a tutorial?

, I just found your site today, system looks really amazing.

What kind of performance hit if any does procedural solving have? Is there any impact on replication in a multiplayer environment?

You wouldn’t replicate the IK at all, you’d just let the clients calculate their own values.

Replication is for events and values that matter like position or a bullet hit. Peripheral things like animations, morphs, IK, particle effects, etc. don’t really affect the gameplay if they’re not identical on each client.

Good point, it doesn’t matter if they aren’t on the same steps or putting a different leg forward.

Hi guys,

We specialize in procedural animation technologies, www.ikinema.com and this is addition to our UE4 plugin.

IKinema is very fast, we are talking about 1ms on a single core. We have iOS, Androind ports as well as game consoles for high-end partners.


I had a look and to be honest my feedback isn’t good.

I found the site and payment options confusing at best. One paragraph said UE support was $20 a month, another said that there was a free option but there was only a web animation studio seemingly for baking animations, not a UE plugin. I wouldn’t throw down money for an uncertain purchase - especially not $20 a month. I’m sure your product is real but I can’t find any evidence of it.

On top of that if I’m going to pay $20 a month for something then it has to be a lot more useful than just IK, which can be done in blueprints already. I’d much rather pay a higher one-off fee than some open-ended thing that could end up costing a lot more.

Most people selling something seem to be splitting pricing into two tiers - indie and commercial. Your pricing is too low for commercial and too high for indie. As your market obviously isn’t commercial so maybe polling the indie crowd on what they’d like to pay would be a good idea.