FEEDBACK: Post Process Volume DOF tooltip description

I was going through the Advanced settings of the Mobile Depth of Field settings in the Post Process Volume, and the last one, “Vignette”, contains this text which might need a correction / update:

“Artificial circular mask to (near) blur content outside the radius, only for GaussianDOF, diameter in percent of screen width, costs performance if the mask is used, keep Feather can Radius on default to keep it off.”

I tried, yet cannot really comprehend this sentence. Feather is not even a setting in the mobile dof of the PPV. Radius isn’t the term used for the setting for it in those dof settings. And if diameter are the units of the Vignette setting, it is set to 200, which is either a viable setting that denotes 200% of the screen width or is in the wrong units or something. Was this tooltip recomposed by an early AI learner?