Feedback on work - Advanced lighting and shading test

Hello Everyone,

I have just completed a technical study where i tried to make a photo realistic wet environment using advanced lighting and shading techniques. This is a test i created and would love for some feedback. All assets, textures and shaders were made by myself. However, some elements i drew inspiration from renders i had seen on the internet and video tutorials. Also the rain particles i adapted from a tutorial.

Here is the final HD 1080 video render

Also here is a blog i wrote about how i went about the project aswell as some high res still renders.

This isn’t complete at the time of writing but will be within the next few hours.

Please rip into the process the pipeline etc any feedback is welcomed

Would of uploaded images on here but it won’t let me :frowning:

Well done. Now the feedback :o

  • Lens dirt texture, that you have, seems to serve no other purpose but to trick people into wiping their screen. Either remove it, or tone it down and couple it with DOF.
  • Raindrops that are falling straight down feel slightly strange. No that it can’t happen, but I think giving the rain a bit of angle would turn out to be a benefit.
  • While you successfully simulated water running down vertical surfaces, you’ve omitted showing water dripping from ceiling/wall edge. It would help you to visually separate interior and exterior.
  • Would be also nice to see water splash particle effects in addition to ripples.
  • Level geometry could use a bit more effort. Breaking up the edge between walls and floor with some trims, for example.
  • Overall, gray color seems to noticeably dominate the picture.
  • And probably the main thing I wanted to mention. Well-defined directional light shadow does not seem to tag along with overcast sky and rain.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Loved the insight!

I shall take those points on board and repost again in a few days

Thank you in advance !!!