Feedback on the new docs site

Hey there, I noticed this missing link here:

There is a missing markdown link like this: []()

Apparently this is supposed to be read as Default<GamePluginName>.ini, so I suppose the documentation just needs some added <> to make it clearer which part is the required prefix and which part is the plugin’s name.

Offline documentation would be greatly appreciated.

Just wanted to report a typo in the Project Settings > Engine Category > Physics section

On this page: Vehicle User Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

In the section labeled: Create your TireConfig Data Asset → the screenshotted image directs you to use “TireType” - which is deprecated. The written instructions say to use “TireConfig”. The discrepancy is confusing.

On this page: Third-Party Libraries | Unreal Engine Documentation

small typo, not a big deal at all just thought it’d be helpful to let you know.

I think that the picture note is outdated on this page.
Using Perforce as Source Control | Unreal Engine Documentation!

There is no Perforce service, they renamed it to Helix core server.

The UnrealBuildTool configuration documentation makes it unclear what the headings are.

Are they XML sections?
Are the properties XML elements, or attributes?
When I open the default AppData BuildConfiguration.xml, it’s just a document with an empty tag – do these properties go in there as attributes? elements? child elements of some other element?

Hello sclark39, I have added a ticket to expand the config file information for plugins, and I updated the doc to add brackets to clarify the ambiguous name issue you had trouble with.

Hello FunAndFriendly, I have added the missing reference link, it should appear the next time we publish.

Hey Ajwad_Imran, thanks for the feedback, I’ll get that taken care of.

Hello RyoS,

These fixes should now be present in our most recent publish.


Hi pr1nc3ss_S, you are correct, just fixed that typo.

Hi OldSchoolPvP, thanks for the feedback. I’ll pass that along to the team so that it can be updated properly.

Hi jwatte, that page is actually quite old, and the content is deprecated. I wouldn’t use that system any longer, the page itself will be going away very soon.

Well, it is what Google shows when searching for these things.
Saying “that section will go away” without having a better replacement doesn’t seem very helpful.
And if you have better documentation, how about replacing that old page with a link to the better documentation? :smiley:

When we have the better docs ready, that’s when the page will be removed. There’s a lot going on around here for the upcoming releases, so I can’t be too specific about when that will happen. We prefer not to make exact promises that circumstances force us to break.

I got it.

  1. Open a private/incognito window
    1.5) Size the window such that the navigation sidebar should be collapsed.
  2. Do a google search for a page on the Unreal Docs
  3. Hold Ctrl + Click on a search result so that it opens up in another tab. Stay in the Google search results tab.
    3.5) Wait for the page to finish loading in its own tab, wait another second or two
  4. Switch to that new tab. Notice the sidebar blocks some of the page’s content.

I don’t normally browse in private mode, but this gives me a consistent repro. I do open pages in new tabs all the time, which explains why I see this bug so often. Hope it can be fixed! :slight_smile:

Yes, I think I reported that half a year ago, too.
Any control-click or right-click “open in other tab” action that opens a doc window, will open it with the index opened up above the text.
It could be a google search, or it could just be following a link in the documentation itself into a new tab.
It is very easy to reproduce – just right-click any link to UE documentation and select “open in new tab.”
Could this be because of ublock origin? Maybe, but it shouldn’t :smiley:

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