Feedback on the new docs site

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed a few changes in the look of our UE4 documentation site this week. Along with the visual style, we’ve also made improvements under the hood to streamline the site, improve its reliability, and make pages load faster for most users.

Some changes that you might notice:

  • Visually, we’ve aligned the look and feel across all our Epic docs sites, including the docs for the new Epic Online Services and the translated versions of the UE4 docs.
  • Speaking of translations, we now have URLs that match between English and translated versions of the docs. So it should be much easier for those of you who need to flip between different languages.
  • We’ve removed the option to sign in to the site with your Epic ID. This means that licensees with entitlements for closed platforms will need to access those docs through different means. For the moment, we’ve made the docs for these platforms available for download in the forums for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Switch. We expect to host those platform-specific docs in the documentation mirror on UDN in the near future.

This change also improves life for us at Epic — it’ll be easier for us to do our jobs getting docs into your hands regardless of your language of choice, and it’s a first step toward more site-wide improvements that we have in mind. You’ll hear more about these longer-term initiatives as they start to bear fruit.

In order to minimize the downtime involved in the site changeover, we launched our new look last weekend. We have a few tasks related to this migration that are still in progress, so you may find some functionality not behaving the way it ought to in the new system. We’re still working hard getting everything up to date. In the meantime, please bring any odd behavior — or really, anything else that’s on your mind — to our attention here in our feedback forum

We hope you’ll like the new site!

I cannot scroll left/right new API pages like I could before (on mobile browser)…

Now function descriptions on mobile here are available only if I change phone screen to landscape mode.

the scripting the editor in python article is a dead link for me. Plus when viewing on mobile the aidebar is overlapped with content

There’s an issue with the “ON THIS PAGE” sub nav on release notes pages. As you scroll down the page, the sub nav alternates between the current section and the beginning of the doc, effectively periodically resetting the scroll position for the nav.

On a more positive note, the best feature of the new docs by far is the incredible performance. The old docs were very sluggish, and the new docs feel lightning fast by comparison.

Hello there! I was looking up the documentation for the Unreal Engine Integration for Shotgun, but it seems like that wasn’t migrated over to the new UE4 docs site. Do you know what may have happened? Who can I talk to about getting the documentation back online?

Here’s the link:

There’s no Shotgun documentation there — just a link to getting started with Unreal Engine 4.9, and other beginner links, with no mention of Shotgun.

I checked Github (GitHub - ue4plugins/tk-config-unreal: Unreal Integration based on tk-config-default2) and it’s still linking to, which redirects to the URL above.

As far as I can tell, there’s no longer any publicly accessible documentation for the Unreal Engine integration for Shotgun. I work on the Shotgun team and I have customers asking about the Unreal Engine integration, and this is a huge blocker for us. Any idea what may have happened?

Thanks in advance!

UE4 is not compatible with the latest version of Subversion, which is VisualSVN 4.0, and Subversion client 1.10.4. It took me many hours to figure this out since there is very little documentation online regarding Subversion. When attempting to use Subversion as source control for UE4, I got the error stating that the format version was expected to be between 1 and 7, but the version found was 8. I eventually found out that this was due to the update creating repositories with a new format, being 8, of course.

Trying to look for the documentation of the Maya live link, but it kept directing me back to Unreal main documentation page, is the link broken?

I was reading this doc about UObject

And in the section about GENRATED_BODY it says :

Note that the GENERATED_BODY macro sets the member access level to "public" rather than the language default of "private" in the current version of the engine.

But its not, it will give an error “cannot access private member”

But if you use GENERATED_UCLASS_BODY instead, it will work fine, giving public access level to properties by default

Why is key Remapping (Action mapping) i.e this:
No where to be found in the manual or blueprint api?


Hey, thanks for the feedback. Those docs are still there at the same place in the hierarchy, but the URL changed a bit. Try:

We’re setting up a bunch of redirects from old URLs to new URLs to handle cases like this, but they’re not all in place yet.

The URL has changed to

without the dashes – sorry for the inconvenience, we hope these issues will be fixed soon.

The DDC gives us a big chunk of config without any explanation of the contents. What are Root, AsyncPut, Hierarchy, etc? Either they shouldn’t be necessary to paste in, or it should be explained how and why one might customize their values. “Shared” is easy enough to figure out, but what the heck is “AltShared”? Can it be omitted? Is it a fallback if Shared fails?

The Epic Online Services Docs have a dark theme. My only feedback currently is that it’d be really nice to have a darker theme available for the standard documentation.

The Search Documentation … bar in the upper right corner is not working. I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s already been reported. Every time I try to search a keyword, I get a “403 Forbidden” error.

This: Bing Search - Unreal Engine
I’m on Windows 10 Microsoft Edge.

I get this address starting from this forums page, clicking on the Learn tab at the top of the screen, and selecting Documentation. Is there another way there, or another URL? Oh never mind, now that I see it, just above the Search Documentation bar, there is a magnifying glass icon near my username which if I click opens a search area where I can type. That it working with search results provided by Bing with a bunch of references to answers and docs from unreal Here is my search result link for the working search:…rd=foreachloop. It seems I can filter here by selecting the appropriate link, but the auto-filter from the non-working url I gave is not working or pulling correctly. Thanks for the assist.

The new docs site seems to barely work for me on either Firefox, chrome, Safari, pc or Mac or mobile. Many of the pages I click on redirect to the docs landing page, and most of the content flickers and is unusable. Any ETA on when these problems will be addressed Epic staff?

Add more c++ examples in the API, please.

In section Unregister Events, there is a small typo, it says “OnUnegister” instead of “OnUnregister”

I’ve been attempting to access the “Scripting The Editor Using Python” documentation page the last few days but have been unable to due to a redirect error.