Feedback on the new docs site

Niagara docs/examples are for older version? 4.26.1 slightly different than documents

Documentation pages need more than just what the name of the input, output, and pin type on blueprint nodes are. They need to actually say how the nodes function!

Example, I want to use ProjectPointToNavigation, it doesn’t tell me what the extent input is for or how to use the node. Documentation needs to be better.

A fix to the HDR documentation page: High Dynamic Range Display Output | Unreal Engine Documentation

Following this page’s recommendation to use the “Enable HDR Display Output” will never work in a standard project. The docs fail to mention that the source checks whether the config variable “r.AllowHDR” is set to 1 or not, otherwise it ignores the request. Using the console command bypasses this check but also bypasses the automatic setting of fullscreen modes so is less useful.

The “r.AllowHDR” config variable should really be mentioned on this page, you’ll only find out about it by reading the source code otherwise.

in the doc of “DemoNetDriver” please include essential information like demo recordhz, because the default value of recordihz is 8 that gives a choppy result which cannot be used. so it might be worth including one more line that shows how to increase the recordingHZ to 30 or 60. i.e “demo.recordhz 60” to get fluid recording from demorec #demorec #recording

Broken documentation:

In the page “Building for iOS on Windows”, the section “Workaround for Unprotected Private Key” needs to be redone because the SubInACL command line tool is no longer available from Microsoft (and does not appear to work with current versions of Windows 10). I’ll put one alternative method below, using the same structure as in the doc (hopefully that makes this a little easier to fix, thanks for all the documentation!):

You might see an error that reads as follows:

ERROR: Unable to determine home directory for remote user. SSH output:…WARNING: UNPROTECTED PRIVATE KEY FILE!..0660
If you do not see this error, you can proceed with the next step. If you do see this error, use the following steps to resolve it:

  1. Navigate to your RemoteToolChainPrivate.key
  2. Right-click the file and select “Properties”
  3. Click the “Security” tab
  4. Click “Edit…”
  5. Remove all group or user names
  6. Click “Add…”
  7. Click “Object Types…” and make sure all boxes are checked, then hit OK
  8. In the text box, type “Users”, then hit Enter.
  9. Make sure permissions for Users is set to Read and Read & Execute

This will change the file’s primary group so that it is not the same as your username, which is what confuses SSH when it checks group permissions. The process should then work as normal.

(Note that SubInACL could previously be used for this purpose, but is no longer available from Microsoft. Cygwin is a possible alternative which has been discussed in AnswerHub)

I was attempting to post a response to a specific UE4 Document, and was led to this site. But I believe my response is valid for most of the Unreal documentation.

This documentation provides no information beyond that already available in the header file.
This documentation provides no examples of how it would be used in a real-world situation.
This documentation provides no links to tutorials or learning documents that would help someone understand how to use this, even though sanctioned examples exist.
This documentation includes no ‘see also’ entries.
There seems to be no alternate Unreal documentation on this subject.

Note that if your think my suggested level of documentation is unreasonable, I would point out that it is typical for entries in the Microsoft SDK documentation.

While this documentation may be valuable as reference for someone already familiar with this topic, I feel that this documentation is useless for anyone coming to this page attempting to learn UE4.

As someone who has been using the Unreal Engine daily for almost ten years, I find this to be an accurate assessment of the current Unreal documentation.

On the FPS tutorial page:

2 - Implementing your Character | Unreal Engine Documentation

…three is mention of an FPSCamera class, which doesn’t exist. My guess is that it used to exist but the tutorial was updated at some point and all references to it were not removed.

Secondly, the part where it asks you to move the default position of the camera so that it is near to the character’s eye level doesn’t work. It asks you to put the following code in the FPSCharacter constructor:

FPSCameraComponent->SetRelativeLocation(FVector(0.0f, 0.0f, 50.0f + BaseEyeHeight));

…this did not work for me. I moved it to the BeginPlay() function and it worked as it should, so it seems that the constructor was called too early before some other dependencies were initialised maybe.

FYI the reason SetRelativeLocation() was not working was because it just sets the default for that component. But the previous value will still be set in the Editor. So you have to go into the Blueprint Editor, click on the relevant component (in this case FPSCameraComponent) and in the Details section find the relevant value (in this case Transform->Location) and click the yellow reset-to-default icon next to the value. You’ll have to do this for some other stuff too.

  1. Pawn page: Pawn | Unreal Engine Documentation
    The last sentence of the first paragraph is cut off:
  1. Camera Components page: Camera Components | Unreal Engine Documentation
    Typo in the sentence (underlined):
  1. Transforming Actors page: Transforming Actors | Unreal Engine Documentation
    Potential missing embedded icon in the sentence (underlined):
  1. キャラクター設定の完了の2項目の日本語がおかしいです。
    「2.グラフ内で InputAxis MoveForward Event と InputAxis MoveRight Event を 右クリック して追加します。」

This page is outdated: Android on Linux Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation

It should be updated with the steps outlined here: Updates to required setup for Android NDK 21 in Unreal Engine 4.25 - Unreal Engine

Editing off:

The Aperturedefines how sharp or blurred the foreground and background are based on the diameter of the Diaphragmwhich is controlled in f-stop.

  1. Common Actors: Common Actor Types | Unreal Engine Documentation
    Under “Gameplay Actor Types” > "Triggers", the first sentence is incomplete:
  1. Trigger Actors: Trigger Actors | Unreal Engine Documentation
    The same as (1), replicated in the first sentence:
  1. Trigger Actors: Trigger Actors | Unreal Engine Documentation
    Grammatical error (underlined):
  1. Working with Level Assets: Work with Level Assets | Unreal Engine Documentation
    grammatical error (underlined):


  1. The DataSmith importer page: Unreal Datasmith | Unreal Engine Documentation
    This page, at the bottom, links to another page, which is also in the page hierarchy, that seems to not exist. It is labeled “Datasmith-Supported Platforms” and the link is Upon visiting, I am redirected to a default docs page (broken page?) with the link

The page titled Events, which describes events declared with DECLARE_EVENT, needs a deprecation notice. It describes features of events that are unenforced and they are considered deprecated according to a comment in DelegateCombinations.h:

* Declares a multicast delegate that is meant to only be activated from OwningType
* NOTE: This behavior is not enforced and this type should be considered deprecated for new delegates, use normal multicast instead
#define DECLARE_EVENT( OwningType, EventName ) FUNC_DECLARE_EVENT( OwningType, EventName, void )

For more detail, see this github demonstration project.


A Video can’t play In the middle of that page.
Error says No Source video was Found.


While I was going through the documentation page, under **The Default Interface **I see the reference Image is wrong, which shows the content browser as a viewports ad viewports as a content browser with wrong numbers on it.

Hope it will get fixed so that newcomers like me won’t be confused.


Control Rig Blueprint documentation is still hugely out of date. No mention of MetaHumans or definition for Import FBXTo Control Rig etc. So much missing as to be useless.

There should be a comment section at the bottom of the page.
For example:

I read it several times, watched 2 hours of videos and still didn’t understand how to configure Frustum Culling and I didn’t find any example of how to configure it. If there was a different type of comment or explanation in the footnote maybe it would be easier to understand.

Hello, im trying to follow the guide doc on vertex animation
Vertex Animation Tool - Timeline Meshes | Unreal Engine Documentation
and all the videos are missing. i get ‘ERROR no source found’ so just reporting that. cheers.

Hi, there are a couple of errors on Using Cluster Events | Unreal Engine Documentation

  • The first two bytes must give the total length of the rest of the message.

should be

  • The first **four **bytes must give the total length of the rest of the message.


By default, the primary node listens for Cluster Events on port 14003

should be

By default, the primary node listens for Cluster Events on port 41003