Feedback on the new docs site

Programming Guide > Unreal Architecture > Delegates > Dynamic Delegates page:

  • Delegate binding section does not describe the AddUniqueDynamic() binding method.
  • Could you please add at lease very brief explanation of the dynamic delegates use cases.

Thanks for your efforts to make the documentation site better.

I do support this post!
It would be really helpful!

Unreal Engine 4 Documentation > Unreal Editor Manual > Levels

Could you please describe what is the differnce / relationship between maps, levels, and worlds?
Thank you.

The documentation for the FPS tutorial seems to be out of date. I’m running a compiled version of the release 4.24.2 from GitHub, and running though the exercises at First Person Shooter Tutorial | Unreal Engine Documentation. The auto-generated code matches what is shown, but I’m having to search through the API documentation and through the Solution Explorer in VS (2019) to find the proper #include statements to use the components and functions required for the exercises. Also, the UE4 ‘Super’ identifier is throwing all sorts of issues and does not work as expected (at all).

I found several miscellaneous typos in the text of the “transitioning/translating from Unity to UE4” page (…y/index.html)::slight_smile:

Here “hold” should be “holds”.

Here “You can even create small standalone-game” should be “You can even create a small standalone game”.

Here the phrase “C++ Classes systems programming” sounds nonsensical and should be re-written to more clearly reflect the intended meaning.

Here the phrase “Actors are most common class” should be “Actors are the most common class”.

The World Machine Tutorials:

should include the Recommended Landscape Sizes (or a link):

The World Comp guide instructs the user to set the Tile Resolution to 2017, without reason. Any change there will waste a WM build. Missed that part.


Unreal Engine 4 Documentation > Engine Features > Sequencer Editor > Sequencer Quick Start

This page states that “Creating a Level Sequence from the Cinematics drop-down menu will also automatically add it to the Level.”
But it does not autamatically add newly create Level Sequence to the level.

  • First, these steps don’t appear to work with ue4 v24. Consistent crashes on composure element passes.
  • Second there doesn’t appear to be any documentation on controlling Anti-aliasing with those same composure element passes.

It seems the code on this page :…2/7/index.html does not work with UE 4.24.2.
I don’t know where the error is exactly.

Also, I found a bug in the previous code (2.3 - Implementing Character Movement Functions | Unreal Engine Documentation) but I don’t know how to solve it : when looking the ground or the sky (pitch Y axis), the forward/backward speed is reduced, almost to 0, while the left/right speed is not affected.
The documentation is saying this :

Unreal Engine 4 Documentation > Unreal Editor Manual > Level Editor > In-Editor Testing (Play & Simulate) > Play In Editor Settings
This page is outdated.

The navigation in the right side nav is broken, see the image down below…ndex.html#time


Would be nice to have a comments section on each page of the documentation. Some of it is out of date and/or incorrect. This page is an example of both: Creating an Aim Offset | Unreal Engine Documentation

I found a mistake in documentation Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide, at the 5 step in 5 - Task Setup - Find Random Patrol, it create a local variable called PatrolLocation which can’t be used by Blackboard data. Then the AI character will not move randomly.

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class FMyClass
uint32 ExampleProperty1;
uint32 ExampleProperty2;

// Hash Function
friend uint32 GetTypeHash(const FMyClass& MyClass)
    // HashCombine is a utility function for combining two hash values.
    uint32 HashCode = HashCombine(MyClass.ExampleProperty1, MyClass.ExampleProperty2);
    return HashCode;

// For demonstration purposes, two objects that are equal
// should always return the same hash code.
bool operator==(const FMyClass& LHS, const FMyClass& RHS)
    return LHS.ExampleProperty1 == RHS.ExampleProperty1
        && LHS.ExampleProperty2 == RHS.ExampleProperty2;


operator== is error. It need be outside the FMyClass or has only one parameter.

In tutorial “Variables, Timers, and Events”, compiler report warnings when I pass FString toCountdownText->SetText() methods. It needs FText class. So I change to the code below, in section “Work-In-Progress Code” it works.

CountdownText->SetText(FText::AsNumber(FMath::Max(CountdownTime, 0)));

Hi there !

>On the page** Import Into Level (FBX Scene Import)**…ene/index.html

>In the § Reimport List Filter Buttons (close ro the end)

>In the Table**,** the *description *of the *action **Add ***is: “This will automatically create a folder representing each tier in the hierarchy. The folder will be named after the first item found at that hierarchy level.”

It seems to be a wrong copy-past of the line of the description of the Create Content Folder Hierarchy, contained in the § **FBX Scene Import Options Dialog > Available Options **upper on the same page.

The right description should be :
“This only shows those assets in the FBX scene that have been added since the last import.”

Step 6. Shooting the Projectile
Substep 4. in the .cpp file
In the StartFire implementation
World->GetTimerManager().SetTimer(FiringTimer, this, &AThirdPersonMP424Character::StopFire, FireRate, false); should be set to
World->GetTimerManager().SetTimer(FiringTimer, this, &AThirdPersonMPCharacter::StopFire, FireRate, false); I don’t know why there is the “424” in the name but i spent 30 min looking for the error. Sample file at the bottom seems right.

Font is too small, in my opinion. Difficult to read.


I noticed that the GetHandle() function for FInputActionBinding has been deprecated from version 4.20 of Unreal. Its still marked as an active function in the documentation.

Hi, I had gone through “Multiplayer Programming Quickstart Guide”

  • Step 5.5 says add the following code to the constuctor. Example says the header file.

  • Step 6.4 Typo in StartFire().

  • World->GetTimerManager().SetTimer(FiringTimer, this, &AThirdPersonMP424Character::StopFire, FireRate, false);

Great guide to start from by the way :slight_smile: