[Feedback] Color Grading - High Lights, Mid Tones, Shadows

There were present in UE3. In UE4 we have only access to single overlay color. Could we get these options back ?

I wouldn’t mind having this back also, though it is not the biggest thing. I understand the whole LUT system, but being able to quickly change the way it looks without having to go to Photoshop has its advantages as well sometimes. Add Desaturation to that list by the way.

If I can say it : +1.
I was planning on asking the same thing, or an internal/in-editor LUT texture creator with curves and all. Personally I prefer tweaking values in-editor rather than curves in Photoshop.

LUT have the same power (actually more) but it requires the photoshop iteration. We consider exposing UE3 like color correction on top of that at a later stage. We consider a color correction asset that can be tweaked in real time with a custom UI (think of video post processing or Photoshop. We also can put eye adaptation and other settings into this asset. The asset can be assigned to the volume similar to PostprocessMaterials. What do you think about that?

It sounds like a great idea, I would be interested by this tool.

I think it’s great idea. Photoshop in this entire process is just additional hassle not needed in most cases.
Realtime tweaking in editor is always better because of results you can see immediately.

Martin, that sounds absolutely wonderful ad elegant !

I am sorry I am late to this thread. I am catching up on all comments in the database today.

I believe the way this works now is to create a LUT (Lookup Texture), and apply it as the Color Grading asset in the Post Process.

Here’s an example with a heatmap gradient

I know. LUT texture was also needed in UE3 as this is simply needed for Color Correction to work properly.
The point is that UE3 had more options here which was quite useful. After all it’s better to have option that don’t ?

I agree, but maybe the Epic Devs thought it was cluttering up the editor? I don’t know. I too wish it was still there…