[Feature request] Volumetric Lights

So, it’s been a while now and still no solution for Volumetric lights. Any updates on the discussion? Is this even planned or should we keep our hopes down?

Hello brunogruber,

If you would describe exactly what you want for this feature request. I have done some initial research and I do not currently see a request or feature for true volumetric lights. There are ways for particles, materials, fog, etc to use volumetric properties that involve lighting and how they are drawn on screen. However, I do not see any plans for volumetric lighting any time soon.

I can enter a feature request for this but I need specifically why you want them, how they would benefit the engine, and why they would benefit the community.

Hi , thanks for commenting. Basically, I’m looking for the same effect as the Light Shafts option for the directional light, but for spot lights. It’s possible to fake that effect using particles, yes, but I’m looking for a dynamic effect, like the example below, that can react to occlusion in real time.

I also found this on the old Trello, with 412 upvotes:


I have entered a feature request for volumetric light shafts and real time occlusion handled for spot lights. The feature will be reviewed by our development team and considered for a feature in UE4.

The ticket number is UE-23024.

Thank you very much for reporting this issue to us. I will keep you informed to this request’s status.

Thank you, .

Hello brunogruber,

This is the official response by the development team.

“We know about it, want it, haven’t found the time yet.”

I do not have an ETA for when this feature will be implemented nor if it ever will be a feature for UE4.

Thank you for reporting this issue and I hope to see this in the future.