Feature Request - Visible in Ray Tracing option improvement.


Add separate ( per feature ) Ray Tracing visibility options for actors/components/foliage types.


In general - for more flexible and efficient scene look and performance setup. For cases when it need to setup scene in some specific not ordinary way. For cases when it need to optimize scene by disabling for different objects usage of specific ( not just ON/OFF toggle ) RT features if it possible.


To set for sky sphere mesh visible only for RT Reflections when other features is enabled in scene. To set for birds in sky to be visible use only for RT Shadows and RT Reflections ( no need to calculate for such objects RT GI or RT Sky Light). Similar case for small foliage - if it no need to calculate most heaviest features RT GI & Sky Light for small foliage instances it better to disable such features ( in scene where this feature need to be enabled ). For some rare artistic cases like some " vampire " character which have to be visible for all features except of RT Reflections.


*I expect to see replies about actual topic from real technical specialists or just users if someone have something to add to requested from own experience.

It would be nice to see some answers for questions like this. Is it possible to implement requested? Or if it partially possible or not possible so why? How/when it can be implemented? Maybe, if it already planned on roadmap, when can we expect to see such release?

Thanks for reading.*

So just ignore? No one read this, no one care?

Perhaps it needs a bump.

for me is a fundamental feature.

exemple: if you use the automotive template project.
and you want seperatrate the car from the background to a future compositing in nuke or after effect.
but you dosen’t get the reflection or the shadow of the car on the background.

to do that you can use the composure pluging ilustrated here :

i made a small tutorial to create a compositing with Visible in Ray Tracing Only

Have a nice day

Looks promising :slight_smile: It´s really a shame, that we got no more options, had requested more for raytracing visibility etc too, like it is standard in almost every more modern program.

Just one thingie, your tutorial is uploaded in youtubekids, which blocks all comments and interactions etc, was that intentional? :slight_smile: If you didn´t wanted that, during upload, make sure, that you have marked the clip as not specifically for childred, or for adults, otherwise it will smash it into kids mode, where your viewers are blocked from commenting etc. Stupid new youtube rules

Hi **Suthriel, **
thank you for your message, i fix the youtube video, thank’s for that, i had so much truble to upload the video i did’nt see the kid’s stuff.

Yes you right, Like i start discovers Unreal, is really impressive, it’s seem we can do almost everything but is not right of the box,
you need a really good understanding of node material and blueprint,
but the lack of documentation and exemple is difficult to be productiv. sometimes i look for hours stuff i made in a minute on other software.

but to be fair, they do a lot of work and I think we have to be a little patient, because it must be quite complicated to add this kind of functionality on real-time rendering.

But I love the concept of IIIFGIII and I hope it will be implemented soon.

in the meantime i wish you a beautifl day,
Best Regards