[Feature Request] Use enums in addition to booleans in the material editor

What i mean is:
since static booleans / switches are not part of the HLSL but just an editor feature to help developer to enable/diseble part of the material graph that need/not to be compiled, would be helpful to have enums for the same pourpose.

E.g.1: the developer could create n different effects and use an enum in the editor to let the graphic designer to freely choose which to use.
E.g.2: recently i made a single material that included 3 different graphs for the same displace effect to be used in 3 LODs and used 2 static switches in line to create 3 different material instance for the LODs, it would have been much clear and easy to have a single switch.

I don’t know if it is just never been thinked or there are engine-related issues/problems, but since the enun handling is already there for blueprints how difficult could it be to be ported into the material editor?

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It would be great to have this feature.
Please add this feature :slight_smile: