[Feature Request] Show inherited members option for C++ classes in documentation

For every class generated in Unreal Engine API Reference there should be an option (deactivated by default for readability) to show all the inherited members.

Consider APaperCharacter class as an exmpale, it inherites alot of handy method, and the only way to see them is to click though parent classes. This causes:

  • page redirections - so at the end you need to go back,
  • some reimplemented mehtods will be duplicated,
  • if you want to again see some particular method doc you might need to guess where it was (if you forgot it’s class).


And bring back the source view. That was so good. :frowning:

Hello sick,

This sounds like it would be very useful. I’ve placed a feature request into our system for this under the number UE-24910. I’ll be sure to let you know here if any updates are made to the report.

Have a nice day!

Can’t find this in tracker.
Is there any update on this matter?

Hello sgorazd,

This is cause it was entered as a documentation bug which can’t be made publicly visible. Unfortunately this feature request has been marked as “By Design” and won’t be implemented. It’s likely related to these pages not being handmade and being automatically pulled from the source code’s comments.