[Feature Request] Per-component FOV and render layers

Just a couple of feature requests:

  1. Per-Component FOV: The ability to have objects render at an FOV independent of the camera. This is just the same thing that UDKSkeletalMesh had back in UE3. As an obvious example, first-person arms and weapons are traditionally rendered at a lower FOV than the rest of the scene.

  2. Render Layers: Not sure if this is the correct term or not :slight_smile: but basically, I would like the ability to set components as “foreground” rendered. Again, the first-person objects would use this to ensure that they won’t clip into the world geometry.

These are two features which are extremely useful for FPS games, and it would be awesome to see them added back into Unreal. Is there any way they could be put into the roadmap?

Thanks, and keep up the epic work! :wink:

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The render layer feature would also be great for a 3D-HUD inside VR, to ensure it is always drawn completely, because it has to be in a comfortable viewing distance.
So +1 for that!

I guess we are talking about Sorting priority in passes. That could be cool thing for a lot of users that really need it for something more complex yes. I +1 that thread.

Chipping in as well, separate “layers” would be convenient for us too.

Also mesh Fov? That would be really cool! How did it work? Vertex deformation or shader witchcraft?

I don’t have a clue how it worked behind the scenes :slight_smile: I hope it’s still possible with the new deferred renderer. But all you needed to do in UDK was set the Mesh’s FOV property and tada, it would be rendered at that FOV! It looked really weird unless said Mesh was attached to the camera. :slight_smile:

Hi gregdumb,

This is an awesome idea, we will take this into consideration! Thank you and have a great day!

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Woo hoo! Thanks Adam! You too :slight_smile:

I am amazed by the fact UE4 doesn’t have rendering layers for cameras. Even Unity have it and this is a MUST HAVE for any FPS game.

Epic? Render layers, please?! :

Speaking of which, coming from the Source engine I’d like to see the ability to do bone merges. Right now you can only attach one skeletal mesh to another by using a socket and this is far from ideal as you can see in the Shooter Game sample that the weapon model itself isn’t animated at all. A bone merge is the way I’ve done first person weapon models with a separate hands mesh in the Source engine and by default is used by third person animations as well. A bone merge means that a child mesh will inherit any bone positions from its parent where the names of the bones match.

I’m not entirely sure what we’d do for first person animations with a separate arms right now as I’ve not had the chance to look into it. My guess would be to play the same animation on the weapon and the hand mesh simultaneously.


UE4 definitely needs both features!

Yep, that would be super awesome indeed! :slight_smile:

This is already done?

I really need that feature, can you guys found a way to use render layers?
I need to render one object only in a specific camera, and camera layer help with this, i have a project in unity and need to move to Unreal engine.
(sorry my english)…

Hi -

We have two requests already being investigated regarding these features. One regarding components, UE-2694, and one more general for rendering layers, UE-11450. We will let you know as we continue investigating the possibilities of integrating these ideas into the engine.

Thank You

Thank you Eric :slight_smile:

Any update as to whether this might be something we get in UE4? Would be amazing!

Hi rcdarcey,

Unfortunately both feature requests are currently backlogged as our resources are dedicated elsewhere at present. I don’t have a timeframe of when they will be addressed.

Is there any update on this? It’s a pretty basic feature for UE4 to still be missing after 2 years, considering it was in UE3 and is standard in most other engines.

The technique Unreal Tournament is using to get around 1P mesh clipping (i.e. making the 1P mesh tiny) is horribly hacky, and demonstrates the lack of any ‘real’ solution to this problem. UT3 used render layers for the same issue.

You can already have custom mesh fov via world displacement in the material… isn’t there already a function for this? not sure but it should be totally possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Render layers sounds awesome but it might be too expensive.

No updates about this well…

Backlogged since more than 2 years ago and counting…