[Feature Request] Per-component FOV and render layers

Please Epic add this… I really need the different FOV for the viewmodel

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I’d love to have those features implemented.

Anything new regarding this feature? It’s probably one of the oldest feature which ever existed in the game industry, so I’m surprised this hasn’t been implemented in the first place.

I would also really like to see this feature.

Could somene explain this post?

There are no info about this feature…

Pretty sure it’s this: Panini Projection | Unreal Engine Documentation

^^ that seems to refer to something different

curious about this 4.9 change as well

The panini projection was added in 4.9. The text at the bottom of the page says “Another way to use the panini projection is through a Material function outputing a world position offset to be pluged-in into the material’s world position offset input pin. This actually what Unreal Tournament uses instead of rendering the weapon at a different FOV to fix the perspective projection distortions. You may want to have a look at it in the UT’s github repository.”

So… Anyone tried?

Bingo! I’ve found this material functions in UT content…

It remains only to understand how they work…

Here is material functions, I separated them from UT content, so you dont have to install UT…


is there any update regarding those issues? Now that we have forward rendering in UE, those might actually work, right?

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Anything guys ?

I believe the Composure plugin can be used for that, since you can render passes from different cameras and combine them together in a post-process material.