Feature Request: Order Independent Transparency

Unreal Engine really needs some way for correct order independent transparency that isn’t based on Temporal AA (not all machines can run Temporal AA fine I’ve learned). While you can mask it using Temporal AA, the result is not always what you want and often sub-par to actual transparency (the whole transparent object turns into motion blur).

We need an actual OIT solution and there are some that I’ve found:

Additionally, native support (not with a Material Function) for dithered Transparency would be nice to have.

Bumping, no response from Epic Games on this yet.

Still no word on this from Epic Games. I suppose this needs to be brought up in a Pull Request with it completely implement before anything happens.

Alternatives to Temporal FX are currently

  • Dithered Alpha (Masked Material, efficient)
  • Rendering to a seperate buffer and using PostProcess blendables to do the work (inefficient, but looks better)
  • FXAA (ugly)

This is part of an age old conversation. You may not get a reply but know that many before have asked and discussed the possibilities. I do not think it is high on their list of issues but they have been making gradual improvements to transparency for a bit now.

Note that many techniques require forward shading and there is a task on the Trello board to investigate this but Epic has been pretty resolute on pure dynamic for a while now.

Would be nice to have an update on current plans for it but I would not expect much on here.

Even Dithered Alpha would be nice to have, as the current solution is terrible for moving scenes (Temporal AA adds massive ghosting issues).


I would love to have this. It comes up at least 3 times with 3 different projects in the last year.

Still wishing this… big blocker for many creative projects :frowning:

It is already part of Unreal by now.

How do you get it to work within the same asset ? say a translucent robe that overlaps itself, even with OIT I’m getting sort priority glitches, I thought that is what it was for, maybe I’m confused.