Feature Request: Motion Controller Tracking Confidence

Currently, if we want to know whether a motion controller is tracked, we can call “IsTracked()” which returns a boolean value.

There is also an enum called ETrackingStatus with three values: {NotTracked,InertialOnly,Tracked}, which don’t actually seem to have any value other than “tracked”.

I notice that if I hold the motion controller in a corner of my play area, it can start to jitter a bit as it’s trying to correct its own position. This can be caused by low tracking due to bad line of sight to light house, or laser signal interference (due to reflections or other light houses?). It would be nice if we got a normalized float value, where 0 is Not Tracked, 1 is Tracked, and any value in between is the tracking confidence (which represents how much tracking jitter we might experience due to suboptimal environmental conditions). I know that Leap Motion gives a confidence value for its tracking, so it’s been done…

I currently don’t see anything like this within the engine source code or anything in the SteamVR API or Oculus API, so it would probably be something which would have to be added in with cooperation from both device manufacturers.

I second this request. (though im not sure this is the right place for you to post it)