[Feature Request] Modifying the projection matrix

I’d very much appreciate a more convenient and reliable way to access and change the camera’s projection matrices to achieve effects like off axis projection, as suggested in this thread in the forums:

Currently, either copy/pasting the GameViewportClient-Class or changing the ULocalPlayer, which leads to recompiling the engine and is infeasible to be used as a plugin, seem to be the only approaches to actually get a hold of the matrices while still not necessarily leading to the desired results.

So it would be great if changing the projection matrices to custom ones for each camera would be supported officially to allow for creating non-HMD-based, non-stereo VR-application plugins.

It’s the same for stereo VR applications.
UE4 applications on a powerwall or in a cave would be amazing.

I totally support this. I’d really like to see off-axis projections in UE4. Or at least some helpful hints on how to do it with what’s available now.

+1 from me

any news on how to modify the frustum ?

+1 from me too

bump, I don’t even know how to start and seems like an achievable thing that could make things looks outstandly awesome

bumb, modifiying the matrices should not be this hard…

Then please go ahead Terena, enlighten us. If it isn’t hard, how about posting your solution to the problem here? Since it’s easy for you, it should be done in a few days :wink:

I am not telling that it is not that hard, I am suggesting to epic this should not be this hard. Why do you think I bumped a request ?

Sorry, i’ve misunderstood you then. I’ve implemented my own Blueprint solution for Vector * 4x4 Matrix the same way some OpenGL videos explained. However in OpenGL it is super easy and well documented and in UE4 everything, even the most basic things are a pain in the butt…