[feature request] hot reload breaks VCS redist of binary game DLL

Before hot reload, every time we was compiling the C++ game code a new file ‘UE4Editor-GAMENAME.dll’ was generated; having added this DLL file to our Subversion repository, it allowed us to quickly redistribute to everyone (artists, level designers, etc.) a fully functional environment without need to give them access to the source code.

Now the hot reload generates different file names, like ‘UE4Editor-GAMENAME-NUMBER.dll’, that makes the above technique no more usable.

Could a simple overwrite of ‘UE4Editor-GAMENAME.dll’ with the last built version solve this issue? Any way to safely automate this action?

Found the solution: building the C++ project with UE4 editor closed, rebuilds the right ‘UE4Editor-GAMENAME.dll’ and removes the ones created for hot-reload.