[Feature Request] High resolution screenshot for blueprint and material graphs for sharing / samples and tutorials

It would be very useful to have a screenshot functionality that could get a high resolution image from the entire - or zoomed portion - of your blueprint or material graph. It would make it easier to share graphs , create tutorials and give readable overviews in larger graphs.

I agree, would be handy.

You can already shere blueprint easily by coping blueprint to clipboard and pasting hem to text as editor use text code for clipboard support

Also there blueprint paste bin coming probably in 4.3 or later which will utilize this

  • i know other 3rd party site that implements something similar

Thanks, that will be super useful. For large-res screenshots I ended up stitching them together manually, which isn’t too bad until this share feature is available.

Hi, this plugin is what you want? “Blueprint Graph Screenshot (Regardless of screen size)”: