[Feature Request] hasle free internet multiplayer connection


Having dealt with udk internet connections recently, it would be great if there was a system in place, built in, for connecting host/client multiplayer games without the need for Steam or Port Forwarding.

Other engines manage to do this succesfully, so why not Rocket too.

Im talking for PC games as i know there are other considerations on other platforms.

Hi Mick,

Can you provide more detail here? Without Steam or Port Forwarding - so you want us to provide some sort of master server and client management package as well?

Just trying to understand the whole picture of what you want, as it sounds like it goes beyond seamless client replication and multiplayer w/ host migration

according to his comments here, it seems he’d want Rocket to have its own online subsystem and not having to rely on Steam for (PC) online gaming: including internet server browsing, broadcasting of created server matches into the browser and such.

of course, I understand this isn’t only “a feature” but also “a service”, because a master server list always require a server to query such list. I believe that’s the tricky part, as expecting Epic to host a online server for such a service might just be too much to ask for.

that, as well as removing the hassle of needing your game’s players to mess with the router settings to open and forward the adequate ports in order to play online.

Unity provides a backend master server that developers can run on their own servers. It looks fairly lightweight, although I’m not sure how powerful it is. Could something like that be a consideration for Epic in the long run?

no i dont want ‘a service’ of master server list or anything. something as simple as consolecommand(“open”$IPAddress); working on the INTERNET as well as LAN without having to use steam or open any ports. asking someone to download another software (steam) and even give them their email address, as well as going through the hasle of configuring their router just to play online, to me, is unacceptable and unnecesary.

Port forwarding, firewalls etc are generally a necessary part of hosting network games. Generally speaking its almost always an end-user responsibility.

that’s true but he’s also right. some games simply don’t require any port forwarding and work as is.

Generally you’ll find that whoever needs to receive data (ie a server) is the only person who needs to port forward. So a lot of FPS’s don’t require it.
However you may run into some engines or games that are designed so all players need to receive data (ie an RTS) and these games require port forwarding on clients as well as server.

Thanks for the feedback guys. The desire has been noted.