[Feature Request]General parameter options improvements (sorting, subgroups, colors and padding)

would be very helpful if you could add some options to all components parameter in the material editor.
I created a reference image:

Option to be added :

Parameter Color: useful to set the hilight color of a parameter , so you have immediately clear to which group belongs the parameter

Subgroup: a subgroup that has as parent the parameter Group, useful, for example, in case of multiple normal maps in the same material

Sort priority: like in the material function input component , an override of alphabetical sorting

Padding Upper / Lower : a value that simply adds an empty space between the previous and the next parameter

With these changes , i think you could raise a lot of the usability of materials

For any questions you can also email me at c.ronchi@reply.it or through my website [www.chricchio.com][2]

Thank you for you great job at Epic

Christian Ronchi

Hi Christian -

Really well thought out and explained. I have passed along the feature request as UE-14349.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum