[Feature Request] Decals Channels

Hello, Epic Team!

If more complex decals, like mesh wrapping, are maybe too complex to implement right now.
Maybe it is possible to implement decals channeling, like it was done for dynamic lighting?

It was proposed so many times on forum.

Main aim for channels is to prevent character decals (blood, scratches) from being projected to the floor, while it still can receive foot steps decals, for example. More complex - to separate decals on one character from decals on enemy. So static/dynamic separation is not a solution.

Of course channels should work through particular mesh instance or actor.

+1 for decal channels!

Must say there is a Custom Depth way. But sad that it is not an out of the box option for decals.

It is really simple way, although not so discussed in such threads. There is good start Custom stencil filtering for DBuffer decals - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums