Feature Request: Clipping plane for Spotlight Origin

Ive been starting to use volumetric lighting in alot of my scenes these days, but what im noticing is the origin point is very unconvincing. It comes all the way to the point. and when attaching to a mesh, you must keep the point on the visible side of the surface for the lighting to pick up in the render engine. It also is almost never at its best resolution even with setting set to cinematic, because the voxels can only get so small, making alot of artifacts when it comes to such a small point. Ive noticed once the beam reaches a certain diameter, this is no longer an issue. I understand there is a way to bring the voxel grid down even smaller than the recommended settings provided but this is too heavy on the GPU.

It would be nice to have clipping plane / origin offset calibration parameters imbedded into the spotlight UI. This way if we have a directional light that needs to come from a source, It can easily be obtained without figuring out a work around.

Im not by any means a programmer, but i think about it in my head and I think its totally possible.

Any thoughts?