[FEATURE REQUEST] Asset bundles to import assets at runtime

I would love to see a feature where you can import assets at runtime.

Say you have blueprints that contain static meshes and stored in some filesystem on a server. You now have a UE4 client application that has some C++ code to do an API call at runtime out to your server and retrieves the blueprint. Once you successfully download the asset in memory I would love to “unpak” the asset and load it into the active level.

Use Case:
Ability to import user-created content at runtime.

This already exists, you can mount additional pak files at runtime and load packages from them. It’s not well documented though.

@Zeblote You’re indeed right. If anything, should be a [DOCUMENTATION REQUEST] post

@Zeblote is there any documentation you can refer me too?

Hello, if you look in your 4.xx program folder, see how the Templates are named? ‘TP_Project.uproject’ (I think) You could make a starter project with your ideal first setup, everything loaded, then save the project and copy or move it into your template folder, you could even do a separate one for 2D, 3D, VR etc, and it would always bring what you want in to a new project!

Could you help with loading pak files in runtime?