[Feature Request] Apply Scale

Dear UE Development Team,

As for me, it would be very convenient if we could somehow apply the scale of a mesh/BP to return it to 1,1,1 without changing the actual size of an actor.

Let’s say I’ve created a model in Blender and exported it into UE and it turned out to be a bit larger than I had expected, so I can scale it down to 0.9,0.9,0.9 and apply scale so that it would be 1,1,1, but the actual size would be 90% of the original by every axis.

Of course if I use my own model I can resize it in Blender and reimport, but if someone gets assets created by someone else it could be really frustrating to resize an actor each time it’s added to the scene.

Maybe the same could be done with Rotation, I think in some cases that might be useful.

Thank you in advance for considering.


I might be wrong, but if I understood right what you are requesting this is already present in the editor. The first time you import a mesh you can set its scale and rotation. Also in the mesh properties (opening a mesh from the content browser), you can set it scale and click reimport, this will reimport it with the new scale applied. This way the mesh in the world will be displayed with a scale of 1 even if the size is different from the original mesh file.

yes, you are right but for example, if you created a 1x1x1 cube then you scale it to 2x1x1 and add a material to it in one dimension material will be stretched and you can’t apply the scale to make the material evenly spread.

It is possible to do even without reimporting, check this video

But I did not find a way how to do the same for multiple assets at once.


And this is even faster way by using Modeling Tools


In 5.3 it finally works perfectly!

You can just select all meshes in the browser, drag&drop all of them to the scene, scale all of them to match the proper size compared to the character, and then Bake Transform