[Feature Request] Add "Attach to first spawned object" to Debug Filter options

I spawn my Character using PlayerStart, so I cannot select my character from the debug filter dropdown menu in advance. Now, if I want to see the execution flow for debugging, I need to (1) eject, (2) select my character from the debug filter dropdown menu, (3) possess. Very cumbersome.

So as a fix, I suggest to add this option to the debug filter dropdown menu: “Attach to first spawned object”.
For purposes where you’re debugging the player character, this would be perfect.
Alternative (or additional) idea: “attach to controlled object” (would be more useful in a multiplayer situation).

or even better - please make a BP node “Set Debug Object”?

Then you can do what deenigeechteik wants and more :slight_smile:

e.g. It’d also mean you can debug a specific object without having to know whether it’s Object_171 or Object_5789…

e.g. You could also make your own “click on this thing to debug it” system…

Not sure if providing this node would be that simple, but man, having to de-focus the viewport and go back to the editor window, then figure out which object is the one you want to debug… these are the reasons I revert to print strings everywhere instead of blueprint debugging.