Feature Request: Ability to Discard Changes for Static Meshes or Blueprints

Hi, it would be nice if I could discard changes for Static Meshes or Blueprints.

Lets say, I am modifying a blueprint and I make a change that I don’t like, or I decide I no longer need. It would be useful to be able to discard those changes.

As of now, the only way I can think of to discard changes would be to exit the editor entirely and choose not to save any blueprints or static meshes, which I consider to be fairly inconvenient.

Worth considering! :slight_smile:


Bump. The version control used to cry if a blueprint is modified. And i am unable to discard the changes, or i can’t find it.

I also sign up for this feature but for everything, not just Static Meshes and Blueprints. It would speed up experimentation if you didn’t need to restart the editor to revert the changes made.

+1 this is definitely a needed feature…

Hi everyone,

If you go under the edit menu in either the blueprint editor or static mesh editor, there is a section called “Undo History”. If you look in there you can undo any actions you have taken during the open editor session. All you should have to do is double click on the change that you want to revert to and it will undo all changes, you can step forward and backwards as necessary.

Oooh, I didn’t know this existed. Thank you!

However, while it’s absolutely useful, it’s still a global Undo history for the entire editor session. I realize that when using a version control system, it’s the VCS handling reverting all changes. And I also realize that building such a system is difficult and expensive, or you’d already have included it. Still… it would have been nice…

Just right click the asset in the content browser, choose Asset Actions - > Reload. This will reload the asset from the disk.