FDataTableRowHandle using meta = (RequiredAssetDataTags = "RowStructure=S_StructName")?

Is it possible to limit the UDataTable Property within an FDataTableRowHandle struct to a specific struct type?

The next example is not working for the FDataTableRowHandle. Is there a solution?

UPROPERTY(meta = (RequiredAssetDataTags = "RowStructure=S_StructName"))
  FDataTableRowHandle DT = FDataTableRowHandle();
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UPROPERTY(meta = (RowType="MyStruct"))
UDataTable* Table;


UPROPERTY(meta = (RowType="MyStruct"))
FDataTableRowHandle RowHandle;

Thanks, this is very useful info. I think it is not yet in docs.unrealengine.
I’m going to test it asap.

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Perfect, thanks again. Structs name in RowType is entered without the F prefix.
Can this information be added to: ?

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The vast majority of custom meta specifiers are not in that documentation page because it’s auto-generated from the global ones.

Items like “RowType” are part of special Detail Customisation classes that look for custom meta markup. Unfortuantely there’s no easy way to parse them all.