fbx object is semi-transparent

I made a simple lamp in blender for a simple game. It looks fine in blender but parts become semi-transparent in unreal.

What could be the cause and what can I do to fix it? I’ve tried to change materials and redo the UV-map. I would prefer to not have to make another one since 3D-modelling really isn’t my thing but if it can’t be avoided, so be it.

I’d greatly appreciate any help!
Also I’m sorry if the images are weird in the post, I’ve tried to upload the image from my computer but it gets stuck at 0%uploading for about an hour so I added them as links.

edit: I made a new project after a critical failure. With this new project I made a new lamp.

This one has the same problem. I looked for normals and how to invert them but found nothing, it was either descriptions from seven years ago or simply that the tutorial had access to tools I do not. The problem persists no matter what material I choose. I am officially completely lost.

Looks like lamp base have wrong face direction, but this part on top looks really strange. Or its must looks like that? I dont know what is your material settings :slight_smile:

Hello! Just check normals, they can be inverted…

I would love to check and reply but I’ve encountered a very bad bug where nothing can be saved. I keep getting hundreds of popups about how saves fail whenever I try to do anything. I am currently looking in to this to see if I can solve it. It says something about not having permission to write data or something, point is I don’t understand at all how to fix it and am waiting for some help from my teacher. So thanks for your answer, I’ll check whenever I can. Something tells me broken save files should be a bit more important than a slightly transparent lamp.

Hi! I just updated my post with another picture, the materials I have are the basic ones that come with the starter content and the base colors I get when I export them from blender.

You can either check tour normals or make your material a “2 sided material”. That’s the dirty way and it can cause u some issues.

Hello, in Blender go to “Edit Mode”, then at top right click on arrow near button with filled and not filled circle on it. In this window click on “Display Normals” (face with line from it).

All your normals( faces) must look outside, most time with “Face select” you can do Mech>Normals>Replicate Outside, but if some normals still look inside, then select them and do Mech>Normals>Flip. Then reimport model.