FBX is missing parts in UE4


I have no idea what the hell is wrong with FBX. Both cars are from the same .fbx file but the left one has been imported with ‘‘combine meshes’’ while the other has not. The model has 107 parts. It has been uv mapped and uv unwrapped. Even in .OBJ without ‘‘combine meshes’’ all the parts are there but the second uv channel isn’t, so it’s useless. Do you know what could be the problem here? Thanks

Dont know if it has anything to do with anything, but first… make sure u triangulate the mesh before export… dont let the exporter triangulate for you… that can cause issues ive experienced… but other then that make sure your normals are facing the correct direction and something didnt happen to flip them on u.

Normals are fine in max and in ue4. Triangulation is fine on both models. It’s really as if the ue4 importer is skipping some parts on import…weird…

If I import the fbx without combine meshes look what happens : 107 objects are imported, only 17 are showing in my content viewer. I have no groups or whatever in max. It’s 107 pieces. If I import with combine meshes, the model is there with all 107 pieces. It’s so weird.




I tried different export/import settings and sometimes its not even the same 17 parts that are imported…but it’s always 17…not 18 and not 107. Is this some kind of limitation lol?
Made a new test…the roof of the car is missing. If I import the roof alone, it works…so it’s clearly the fbx importer who has a problem. But I imported like 500 meshes for the house at once and had no problem at all. hum.

I might have found a possible cause. In max, many many objects have the same name…could it be a cause of why unreal skips some objects? Need to find a way to assign unique names to 107 meshes maybe!

yea lol…my 107 meshes only use 17 names…so it’s obvious that unreal import only 1 mesh of each name! Finally found the problem!