FBX importing and exporting from Blender to Unreal Engine 5

Hello all, hope you are all doing well! i am new to UE5 but i’ve used other programs in the past for animation and character creation so i have some knowledge in the area. I’ve look at and followed several youtube videos on how to export FBX from Blender to UE5.

Some backdrop: I used a website called https://readyplayer.me/ that exported a character i liked in GLB format. i imported that into Blender 2.93 (because blender 3.19 didnt work correctly) I used a plugin called Maximo FBX Converter to change the Bone Structure to a UE4 friendly object. (it worked in that it renamed all the bones correctly, but it didnt complete the process) I then exported what remained in blender, according to the youtube tutorial as seen here

Imported into UE5 and the model appeared to be in good shape. All bones matched the UE4 mannequin and the mesh and physics were created with a skeleton.

Now comes the tricky part. there is a video that shows how to share animation assets between skeletons as long as they match. UE5 The New Animation Sharing, because sharing is caring! - YouTube
when i do that anbd preview the new animations, the meshg collapses in on itself and it looks like this:

All the motion is correct but as you can see the mesh collapses and the animation is unusable. Dont know if this is a bug in UE5 or not.

After that experience, i retargeted the animations and i got all motion (except hand shapes) and could use the animation. but its not what a really want.

if you could point me to an already published question or a link to a video, i’d really appreciate it. i dont know why this is happening and any one that made a tutorial about re-assigning animations are dumbfounded as well. i dont know where else to turn.

thanks in advance
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Hello, did you end up finding a solution to this? I’m running into the same problem where the meshes are imploding (but the animation is otherwise correct). How did you retarget the animation? I can’t seem to get it to work.

I (sort of) figured it out. Blender units are meters, but Unreal is centimeters, so there were scaling issues. The skeletal mesh in UE had a scale of 100, so when animations were imported, it shrunk the mesh. I had to go into Blender’s scene properties and change the unit scale to 0.01 before importing the FBX file with the skeletal mesh, then re-export and re-import into UE.

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Thanks! It helped me with another problem - physics cloth simulation issue.