FBX import Troubles

When i try to import FBX files from the 3rd Person Game with Blueprints, I get this message: Failed to import ‘FBX\HeroTPP.FBX’. Failed to create asset ‘/Game/StarterContent/Characters/HeroTPP’ …

What do I do?

Hey codycarol95,

To clarify, you are attempting to import the third person character mesh from the Third Person Blueprint project?

If you would like to use the third person character as well as the blueprint in your own project, you can use the ‘Migrate’ asset option. Follow along with the images provided below to learn how to migrate your Third Person BP to your own project.

Migrate Option

After selecting the migrate option, you will be prompted to save. Then the blueprint and all the associated assets will be shown in a window as a preview of the specific assets you will be migrating.

Content Folder

Next, you need to choose the ‘Content’ folder of the project you wish to migrate the Blueprint. Simply locate your ‘Unreal Projects’ folder and select the content folder of the desired project.

After choosing the correct ‘Content’ folder, press okay and the assets should migrate successfully. Let me know if this was a valid solution to your issue, or if you still need help.