FBX Import smoothing group warning

I just exported a few .fbx meshes from Maya 2014 and when I import them into Ue4 I get two errors.
-the first says that an out of date FBX has been detected

-the second says Warning: no smoothing group info was found in this FBX scene.

is this something I need to fix in Maya? Are they talking about averaging normals?


1st error → it’s just a warning and won’t affect your mesh
2nd error → in the export window from maya you have to enable the export smoothing groups property (in 3ds it is called smoothing groups which you can find in the geometry tab → I’m not sure how it is called in Maya ^^)

Smoothing groups are here to smooth your model. e.g a tree trunk without such a smooth group will looks pretty bad - it wont look smooth :wink:

ok cool. thanks!
would smoothing on a flat plane effect the way it reflects light?