FBX Import/Export with Sequencer and the Sept #UE4jam Winners - Sept 22 - live from Epic HQ



and will be joining me on this extra-large stream covering the new Sequencer FBX Import/Export pipeline introduced in the 4.13 release and then we’ll also be revealing the September UE4jam winners! Tune in to learn, stay for the fun!

Thursday, September 22nd @ 2:00PM Countdown]



Feel free to ask any questions on the topic in the thread below, and remember, while we try to give attention to all inquiries, it’s not always possible to answer’s questions as they come up. This is especially true for off-topic requests, as it’s rather likely that we don’t have the appropriate person around to answer. Thanks for understanding!


Sounds great! waiting :wink:

In another video you guys mentioned that interpolation to blend between character animations will be coming to sequencer in the future, any updates or progress on this so far? What’s the eta for this feature?
(btw: thank you guys for taking time to answer my previous questions in the other stream, you guys helped me out a lot! you’re all awesome :smiley: )*

Is this video available for download?