FBX Export - Only Certain Textures tag along?

Imagine you’ve textures for a multi-component model in Substance Painter.
So you have a car, say, with one texture for inside mesh, one texture for body, and one texture for wheels.

Now let’s say you export an FBX from Unreal. Why would only *some *of the textures comes with? Ie. if you open it in Blender some of the textures are there and some aren’t?

I have actually never even seen a texture import into blender from a file exported from Unreal.
that said, if it does allow for this at all, I would assume that material complexity is at fault.
Probably if the material has anything in it besides the texture the exporter doesn’t know how to pack it.

Would be somewhat easy to test by making a material with only a texture assigning it and exporting it…

Hey [USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] thanks for the reply – two replies in a weekend – really appreciate it.

I was compiling a multi component model from Blender to Substance to Unreal, and was hoping to avoid exporting two texture sets at once (ie. having one model in Unreal and one general model for Sketchfab upload / Blender). Maybe the right workflow would have been to export the materials for Blender, then export the FBX from Blender?

Anyway appreciate the clarification and will do the test if I get around to it today.

Perosnally I work textures entierly separate from the model / do not make any model modifications when paiting.
But i also make my own materials in engine, so it’s probably not applicable to everyone.

And regarding responding, my pleasure. It keeps me busy while i keep trying to batch process map tiles. It’s taken the whole weekend just on loading times XP

Really appreciate it :slight_smile: