FBX Empty to designate pivot

Hello, in this video the guy shows how to use empty to designate a pivot point without the need to center the object in the scene space. is there a way to achieve this in Unreal ? i tried but it didn’t work. Can it be added ?

UE4 will not import an FBX with no geometry (as far as I’ve tested anyway). There are a couple of ways to try in UE4 to get something similar though.

1 - You can import a simple single plane mesh with the pivot where you would like. Then place this and the other object in the scene. In the scene outline you’ll make the main object the child to the single plane object by dragging the child on top of the single plane object. This will set the parent-child relationship. Next you’ll go into the details panel and select the single plane and locate the settings for Visible and Hidden in game, You can set the hidden in game to true so that you can still see it in the viewport but not in game. Or you can set the Visibility to false and never have to see it, even in the viewport.

2 - This method does not require any additional imports. Create a Blueprint using your Mesh as a component. In the components tab add a “scene” component. Make sure this is the root of the BP as this cannot be altered. Then have a static mesh component that is your mesh. The scene component will be treated as the Pivot location and you can move your static mesh component to anywhere in the BP viewport you’d like. When you place your BP in the scene it the pivot will be the scene component root.

I hope this helps!


Well, i was aware of this methode, but what i was aiming for wasn’t a post export solution. And creating a BP for every off centered item will become a total mess ^^
Maybe they will add a function to the exporter to place move the object at 0.0.0 on export. It would be a time saver.
In exemple, in the video he has to recenter himself or use the empty for every objects, but it could save hours for large scene like a complete room, to just check a box with “recenter objects at world’s origin”.
Maybe if you are in contact with them you could suggest that :slight_smile:

But thanks for the answer