FBX 2014 Conversion Help for Unreal Engine 4.2 FBX 2014 Support?

The current version I’m using of the FBX converter is Autodesk FBX Converter 2013.3 located in archive now here, I don’t see any Autodesk FBX Converter 2014 available, nothing listed in the Gameware link either or the 2015 listings, is the FBX Converter for 2014 under a different product name now that I would need to download to make the FBX 2014 output for the Unreal Engine 4.2 properly so I don’t get any FBX import error messages?

When you export from 3ds max or Maya there is usually a Export option. At least for max when you scroll down to the bottom of the export window there is a tab for the current version of FBX you want to export.
You dont have to do any converting or anything like that, just export in the 2014 format and you should be fine.

I’m not using 3DS Max or Maya.

Due to licensing for commercial usage and to comply with creative content creation licensing to match the engine licensing I use tools like Hexagon, DAZ Products (Does have licensing catch on DAZ made and some 3rd Party Content, your own content is fine though), Blender, Makehuman, Mixamo, and of course UDK and Unreal Engine 4 with many others.

If I made content with other tools listed and went under the current Autodesk licensing for content for instance using 123D Design, without paying additional money what I create would have to be publicly distributed, some other tools I’ve found the licensing is also very complicated and may contain errors with added costs and legal issues on content distribution from output in such programs.

So to keep things simple and affordable as an Indie Developer while legally securing content I create, I’ve chosen alternatives, in the future I may implement usage of the other tools, but I am currently neither a student, nor already gaining thousands. Some products come with about $9,000 per product single license, way too high, ones like Sketchup for $590 cheaper, but still, it’s not only tool you need to get everything done.

These tools do not provide updated FBX support so I fall back to either, old FBX, 3DS, DAE, or OBJ file format, and rely on Autodesk converter to convert file over to one to match Unreal Engine to latest FBX version, not because I want too, but that’s because it’s how it works to keep it up to date so the error’s not displayed.

Hi KnightTechDev,

This ultimately would be a question for Autodesk. They are the creators of the converter and would have a better answer than we would here.

While UE4 is going to use FBX 2014 starting with 4.2 you will still be able to use previous FBX versions with the exception that it will give you a warning each time you import one.



Ok, you are implementing the feature and I thought because it was being implemented and already planned that the compatibility research on that already had an answer, but it seems to be because the newer Autodesk software already provides it that it is favored right now to give the 2014 format support to up the FBX version to newer version with the extended features it provides, ok, I’ll see if can get feedback from them, if so will post answer here, I’ll assume they will have a converter available in near future or I’ll be getting the error no doubt.

Response should be within 48 hours.

Yeah definitely post your answer here for those seeking help with this. We have a large community that uses Blender and other 3d modeling packages that do not export to FBX thus requiring the need for the FBX converter.



Ok, here’s their response.

No there is no plans for this, the FBX Converter is now obsolete and have been moved to the Archives section. Until UE4 update the FBX SDK they use, you can select to export your FBX files to a previous version when using the Maya/Max FBX plug-ins. Thanks!"

Another update on this topic from Robert Goulet "I know this might not be the best solution, but since the FBX Converter was simply using the FBX SDK to convert files, you could probably re-write this code and make your own fbx converter command-line tool. If you need guidance on this, I can provide it. Cheers!"

Luckily, as of the current version of Unreal Engine I’m not running into any problems, which makes it almost a non-issue at this point. And since there’s a higher number of other developers that do seem to use Blender, I’ve considered and have begun working with alternative workflows while documenting the steps along the way, which is working fine so far.

I could probably find some old code in the OpenGL forums that supports most the common graphics file formats and enhance the FBX SDK code to convert a wider range of formats to keep the workflows smooth and consistent, the thing is I really wanna just focus on the game development than on importer/exporter coding as I’d have to be fully dedicated to it, so for now I’m just gonna go with what’s working, and thankfully things are working!

Visceral3D gave the proper answer.