Fatal Low Level error - missing World Grid Material?

I’m using the ADK version of Unreal and until yesterday when I made some changes to the paths that some assets were pointing to for Materials and Textures…it was running smoothly.

now when I try to test the game on steam I get a

I went back in and reverted to the old paths manually on each item…cooked and uploaded…still nothing but that crash.
I completely overwrote the entire folder with a back up from 3 days earlier when it ran fine. Cooked and uploaded…still get this error.

what is going on? why is this still happening if I reverted back to a saved map folder that was 3 days ago before I made this change?

Game when launched in STEAM causes Fatal Low Level Error and crashes out.

Game to launch without issue after reverting back to an older version of map


  • Have manually set material and texture paths back to default settings
  • Have deleted all mods and maps on host PC, unsubscribed from Steam and then resub’d
  • Deleted all saved content on ADK side under saves
  • Stepped on files with backup of 3.13.2016 build.

Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
AMD R9 390X Video Card
32GB 160mhz DDR3 RAM
1tb SSD
AsRock z97 Extreme 6 motherboard.

copying just the main map and the spawn points over to a new folder worked as far as it loaded.

when I tried adding the Day / Night cycle of the broken map…I got this.

I’m starting to think maybe I should just uninstall everything and start clean

Hey Tkat5200,

It sounds like you have done a lot of file/folder moving which can be very dangerous when it comes time to package or run the application. References will be missing and redirectors can fail to work correctly.

This issue is going to be hard to reproduce as the process you took seems to be a back and forth workflow. What you can try is running the ‘Fix Up Redirectors in Folder’ command in the content browser on the ‘Content’ folder to see if that resolves the issue.

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.