Fatal logs may crash engine

I cant find how to report about this issue in GitHub so i post here:

If we write logs with “Verbosity == ELogVerbosity::Fatal” then line “GError->Log(Category, Verbosity, Message);” will execute. But if we write fatal log before calling “AppInit()” then “GError == NULL” and we get engine crash.

For example in my case:
I tried run dedicated server without cooked files and my server just crashed without any useful logs

Hi NToss,

ELogVerbosity::Fatal is intended to crash the Engine, and should only be used if you don’t want the code following it to be run. I ran a couple tests using UE_LOG and the fatal verbosity seemed to work as expected. Could you provide more details about how you are setting up your usage of GError?

Hi NToss,

We have not heard from you for a while. I will be marking this issue as resolved, but if you have any further information about how you are using GError, please feel free to re-open this issue.