Faster Way to Setup Distance LODS for Multiple Meshes? UE-5

So I have about 20 trees that all need the same LOD screen size triangle reduction, I have several LOD’s and it takes a long time to setup a mesh with all the right settings.

Once I find my settings, I just want to apply that profile to all my other 20 trees (and bushes and so on) do I really need to do each individual mesh 1 at a time?

the LOD groups don’t seem to have settings for reduction percentages based on screen size for each LOD that i am using, (or maybe they do, but they don’t seem to show that in BaseEngine.ini

thanks for any tips,

just looking for a way to bulk-edit my mesh LODs, or even a way to toggle the LOD MAX in the game setup somewhere so i could create a faster workflow, and optimize later

Building In-Editor Tools with Blueprints | Unreal Educator Livestream - YouTube 1:17:00 setup for auto lods generation