Fast Question: what is faster for level design?

Hello there
just quick question for Unreal 4

what is better for performance in building a level ?
for example let’s say that i am building a house

is it better for Performance :
A) build it all in Unreal Engine with it’s tool
*B)*in another 3d software like blender and import it (e.g. main bulk of home as one object , stairs alone , etc. )
*C)*Buld main bulk in Unreal - smaller parts in 3d model program
D) other option

i do like building more in blender than in unreal - but yeah building in unreal would do the job as i want

so i am asking about performance and what is likely to demand less
just want to hear from you about your experience - also if any option would affect lighting … the look of the building from away –> things like that

Thanks in Advance :smiley:

Choose B -> the BSP brushes from Unreal Engine are not very performant and you cant create complex meshes with it :slight_smile:

normally you block out your level with bsp brushes and exchange those with static meshes later on.
you can have a look at unreal tournament, they do it like that.

btw bsp brushes have worse performance than static meshes if i remember correctly

The fastest way IMHO. Is the Marketplace. Especially for modular. You can spend your time re texturing assets to make your game unique. Epic provides a ton of starter content, but you just can’t go wrong with a lot of the large packs. On a side note. For me. I use Maya. Once you get over it’s hurdles, and nuances. It’s extremely productive. Everything you can imagine making has a tutorial by Mike Hermes. It takes time to learn, and time to build. The marketplace has cut that down for me. I won’t go outside of it either. I’ve been burned by trading websites, and external places.

Thank you all for replay

Well as this is the best option and i do like it more so i will continue with it

well , actually there is a lot of things in the market place that is very cool for my project , IDK if i can use it as it is or need to modify it or ask permission (didn’t dive a lot in market place :smiley: )
and for sure Maya is way productive and faster in 3D modeling but i did learn it on educational version - can’t get commercial one right now
so i am stuck with blender - Not the best but can get the job done :wink:

and i will try to see market place content as i can understand i can use it in my project with no worry

No need to ask anything on marketplace. The license is for your own personal, and commercial use. Reselling is prohibited of course. There arent royalties paid on marketplace items. If you buy a character then you don’t own a trademark, or copyright. Maya LT is 30$ a month, or 240/yr. and is missing some features, but is still strongly productive with 3d modelling. Blender can do absolutely everything. I am not as productive with it, but I have seen people do incredible things extremely fast. If your using debian/linux there is also mesh lab, art of illusion, wings3d, and structure synth. I frequently search the marketplace for keywords (Modular, Environment, pack, kit, spline, auto, and template.) As those come with generally the most content. It’s worth the price in the end for my time. I have a fairly large asset library.
My favorite tool. ?v=wkypCxc2Mzg

Learn Blender, Learn about UVs, Set your project units to meters and boom, unlimited power.