Fantasy Tavern - no shinies!

I have made similiar thread on polycount but figure, not everyone is visiting polycount, so:

Looks pretty good. Reminds me of The Witcher.

Nice ambient light. Good work

I want to be on this level. It looks really nice and i like the detail.

Loads of detail has been put in here. I appreciate the look as well as the work put in. Great job!

thats alot of garlic :smiley: awesome work

Very impressive work! =)

Looks very nice. Looks like the normals for the Garlic needs some work though.

Very nice, love the atmosphere you created there

Looks very nice! I really like the atmosphere and that wet surface. : )

Looks great! Overall the lighting looks really nice! I think there may be too many light sources making the scene feel a little too busy though, there isn’t really a good spot for your eye to rest on. Cutting the light sources in the scene down by about 60-80% may help a lot with this. Also you have this really nice blue coming into the scene that has a lot of potential to add a really nice contrast but as of now is probably mostly going unnoticed. Would be cool to see that bleed into the environment a bit more.
Did a quick paint over to try and explain it a little XD


Thanks for comments guys.

I was little burn out by this scene, so it is always have good other pairs of eyes to look at it, and tell you that you doing it wrong :D.

Very nice my man reminds me of Skyrim.

As “evilmrfrank” pointed out, I think the blue light has great potential to turn this scene from good to great. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any ambient occlusion and such, which makes some of the props seem a bit floaty. Great work over all!

Looking pretty sweet!

nice i hope you plan to release some of your work in the marketplace when it opens to the public. id pay to have a scene like that (if it wasnt too pricey) as i mostly just do stuff for a hobby in cinimatic videos ;-).

Very nice.

Looks fantastic. Good work!

so, so nice…

Wow, looks better than stuff famous companies do. Keep the good job.