Fantasy Tavern - no shinies!

Great work Iniside, thanks for sharing!


I think the “Garlics” are actually Onions.

Scene looks epic, would fit right into the Lord of the Rings Realm, or any fantasy genre. Did you ever play a game called NOX? Styling reminds me of it, super detailed.

That is just freaking amazing. Textures are amazing and the lighting holy hell. I agree the blue could maybe use some sort of mist/dirt effect but overall just wow. If you don’t mind me asking what kind of light set up are you using cause lights and shadows in prior Unreal Engines and IDTech Engines have been my stong point but while I can get decent results with UE4 pfffhhp yea let me pick my jaw off the floor please. :o

Stationary lights for main lights. How I got to this point was lot of hand tweaking and rebaking, so it took a while.
If you ask how I got shadows from lanterns, then I simply modeled lanterns, and “glass” is single sided texture. Light is inside the lantern, so it trough glass, but parts of lantern cast shadow.

I always use Inverse square falloff, and for that particular scene I used quite low brightness values with very high indirect lighting strength,

I actually updated a bit entire scene, and tuned down the lights it is now darker

I will have to test stuff more thank you for the tip :slight_smile: and once again amazing.

Colours and lighting gives warm atmosphere and makes me want to be there :slight_smile: very nice work

The models are very beautiful.

Well done, but you have some UV errors


Haha it’s not UV error. It’s decal :D.
Though I fixed it since then.

This blew my mind, fantastic work!