Fantasy Dungeon

This is our new pack, which will soon appear in the store.
Pak includes 275 meshes to create the dungeons of any complexity.
Very high resolution ture: Most 4096x4096

Video presentation:


looks amazing

Looks amazing.

That was my idea!!!

And yours looks so much more awesome then mine!!! Good christ! And he name! Mine too!!!

haha, my first thought was, what an awesome step you did and then i discover is that another author and asset :D:D

This is super cool!

Cannot wait to pick it up :smiley:

actual question, i heard is best from a performance point of view (if i want to use this asset only once) is to make it into few large meshes, to minimize draw calls, is that required for good performance?

How much will this cost?

**Kanizitas ** I’m sorry for it, but the project was launched two months ago, and change the name is too expensive.

**CriErr ** three options to reduce the draw calls: this creation texture atlas (mapping many objects on one texture), creating an instance materials and creating instance statick meshes. We try to use it, even though I did not measure the draw calls, and focuses mainly on the FPS/

HeadClot price will be 99$

Gonna have to pick this up for use with Dungeon Architect can’t wait for that combo!

I know exactly what I’m buying next! Awesome work!

super interesting to me, too !

That’s a nice combo when you need a bigger dungeon.

I love this one, gj :wink:

I’m hyped!

I’m not one to use the a-word willy-nilly but this is truly awe-inspiring.

I’d say awesome but I’m too old to do that. :slight_smile:

Perfect for a First Person Dungeon Crawl like this one.

This looks fantastic.

Hello everybody.

I am glad to report that pack appeared on gumroad. You can see it here:

On the release date on Unreal Market, I’ll let you know later when the date becomes known.

Is the demo scene included in the package?