Fantastic Contraption helmet visual effect.

Anyone that managed to pre-order the Steam VR system (HTC Vive) got Fantastic Contraption with it for free as one of the promotional titles, and many who didn’t pre-order bought it afterwards because it’s one of the few games that makes really good use of room-scale movement and has some semblance of progression (or at least more than an hour’s worth of gameplay).

So what I want to know is how they managed that visual effect that happens when you put the helmet on to save your contraptions. I know that in theory it’s a masking effect that works with layers, making objects visible/invisible to the main camera based on the plane at the bottom of the helmet. So my questions are:

** Can this be done in Unreal Engine?
** Can it be done through blueprint?

If it can, please point me in the right direction, because I have some awesome ideas for other uses of that same effect.

I would love to know if you found an answer to this question… We are looking into this as well, it’s a fantastic solution.

Any leads?

Unfortunately not so far. I have seen similar in other games, so I know it’s possible. Some form of render masking, but I’ve had to move on to other projects. Still hoping someone will have an answer, but if we figure it out before that I’ll answer it here.