Fanmade Doctor Who in UE4

Hello all, I’m currently studying games design at University and whilst I’m only on my first year I thought I would get to grips with UE4 and see where I can take it.
In the spare time I’ve got I’ve been working on some materials and importing some models I made some time ago, I doubt there’s much more I can say so I’ll let the upcoming pictures speak for themselves.
I’m not initially looking to release this stuff, currently it’s standing in as a bit of a hobby and for educational purposes since my class will be learning either UDK or UE4 next year.

Beautiful, boy! Made with Maya?

These were all made in 3DS Max, I’ve been learning cinema 4D for classes but found 3DS a lot more stable.
I have thought about looking into a student licence for Maya as well so I could learn that, add it to my tool box, always good to be multi-skilled in different tools.

o God!!! i love it!! how about a plataform game with the daleck as protagonist?!

I’ve started work on getting a bone rig applied to these, first up the SWD.

Apparently using practically any form of collision causes the model to go a bit haywire.

Apparently I can only post one video per post, a bit of a problem.

Any how.

Nice Work, very cool!

Love it ! :slight_smile:

Very very clean. I like this a lot.

I am so in love with these! The Daleks look a little narrow at the base, but it might also just be the angle you are presenting them at.

On note of the Daleks being too narrow, I’ve got another screenshot that should help a bit to show the proportions.
I originally modeled these based on builders plans for making the full size props so they should be somewhat accurate.

Looks cool man gota love the Daleks! The above comment seems correct mind they are a little thin at the base :slight_smile:

Dude these are beautiful! I once tried making a Dalek model, didn’t get very far though.

In that second video, what design is the gold dalek on the far left from? (the one without an eye-stalk), i don’t recognize it. Now all that’s needed is an army of Cybermen :smiley:

To quote Dalek Sek: “This is not war! This is Pest Control!” Best. Dalek line. Ever.

It’s a Special Weapons Dalek (originally from the 1988 story “Remembrance of the Daleks”).

Ah, must have missed that one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got some new content now, not quite Doctor who related but still.

Still working on the diffuse at the moment but I’ve just recently got a Intuos tablet which has infinitely helped with my texturing, previously I was essentially using mouse and keyboard.:poly122:

This comes in total to 220 verts/211 faces.

One problem I’m finding is the diffuse doesn’t show the correct colours in engine as what’s seen in photoshop, even in the asset viewer.
Does anyone have any idea why this is?

Why not use one side of the blade for both sides?

Because I’ve got text on the blade, if I mirror it then the text is reversed on the mirrored side.

Exterminates the competition.

Looking really good! Can’t wait to see how it evolves.