Falling Leaf VFX Pack!

Submitted a falling leaf VFX pack to the marketplace.

This pack includes 10 unique leaf VFXs, All leaf vfxs are simple meshes, 24 tris each leaf.
The pack also includes one master blueprint that gives complete control over the following features without needing to understand or edit a single blueprint/visual effect/material:

  • Select which leaf type to spawn, 10 to choose from
  • Update how large the leaves that spawn are
  • Update the radius at which the particles will spawn from
  • Control what direction as well as what speed the leaves will fall in
  • Control how many leaves spawn
  • Control the time leaf particles remain in the world, overall life time of the particle
  • Control over which percentage of particles get spawned at LOD1 and LOD2, percentage is based on the original spawn rate chosen by designer

Here are 5 out of the 10 leaf types available, as well as a pic showing the available options in the blueprint. Of course all vfx are completely editable and placeable separate from the blueprint but the blueprint is there for ease of use.


If there are any specific requests or features you would like to see in this pack please let me know!


  • Any chance to add custom leaf meshes / billboards?
  • Are the current leaves (I assume they are billboards and not meshes) bowed in such a way that they are not “flat”?

1 - You won’t be able to set custom leaf meshes through the blueprint itself but you will very easily be able to replace the mesh used in one of the existing leaf vfx and it will work fine, if you wanted, you could replace all 10 leaf meshes with your own and the blueprint would still give you control of all 10.

2 - The leaves are simple 24 tri curved meshes with a slight curve to them.

Really cool! Could you probably post a video? Would be interesting to see how it looks like :slight_smile:

Awesome, +1 for a video

Bad joke question.
Why did the tree cross the road?

I’ll try and get a video up tonight :slight_smile:

I like that i can use my own meshes with this

why ?

Put up a video showing some of the leaf effects as well as going over the options the blueprint itself offers.

Nice, thx for the video! :slight_smile:

nice explanation, can’t really think of any more features i would want at the moment.

Excellent, looking forward to this! Any idea if it would be simple to add custom shapes like pine needles?

Because it was leafing

Bam! I love elegant solutions, and this is one. Make environments a little more life-like. Really great! Purchasing = yes.
P.S. In the video, Your landscape, or wherever it’s from, looks amazing.

Cherry blossom leaf type please :wink:

The landscape/level you see in the video is from an unannounced game I am working on :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll add cherry blossoms to the list :slight_smile:

another +1 for cherry blossom/sakura tree leaves. Instant buy.

Nice work Ben, it looks great! =)

Looks nice. Please, visualize the spawn sphere - add extra shape that will represent the emitter.
Is it possible to use capsule emitter, if I want to use it with a tall tree?

Its works like a particle system?

Also, instead of “Leaf1” types, can you please name them as what they are instead of numbers. This is something that irritates me to no end about stuff I purchase on the marketplace, is the lack of a decent naming convention. Why would you name a brick texture as “texture08”…