Falling Leaf VFX Pack!

+1, great work :wink:

Yes it is basically a number of particle systems with a master blueprint that lets you control all of them and their settings from a single blueprint.

I’ll definitely do this :slight_smile: Currently going to be doing a big rework to get peoples feedback in and make some quality tweaks.

I’ll try and look into adding this functionality :slight_smile:

I am totally up for there being a cherry blossom/sakura tree, because that is an instant buy for me :wink: So far, these are looking pretty rad!

Cherry Blossoms/Sakura did get added in :slight_smile:

Have you ever considered to make the particles GPU particles, so that performance is way better and you can have tens of thousands of leaves? Mesh particles aren’t really that great for performance. Currently even 1000 leaves are really expensive.

GPU particles would also make it possible to use scene depth collision.

Very good Marketplace`s asset. I bought it some time ago

I think is more effective one blueprint example using one configurable mix of blocking, spawning and culling volumes like child components. Which attached to any pawn as child component can triggering any scattered Falling Leaf actor placed in the level to spawn particles only in screen space using player pawn distance to a smooth particle culling transition. And of course GPU could help a lot to achieve a much better performance.

I think also, collision and culling volumes as BP child components could be considered. As one example: a Box Volume placed in the roof of one building or another actor in the level acting to destroying or occluding/accumulating leafs or another instanced mesh thing used in the particle system.

Pretty cool, I’ll have to pick this up in the near future. =)

Reiterating the issue initiated by [MENTION=24522]John Alcatraz[/MENTION] in ‘about 1000 leaves spawned’, within the topic Falling-Leaf-VFX-Pack. Exists more possibilities to exploring the quasi-unlimited capabilities within the Unreal Engine Particle System and Material Editor.

There is a material function (3dParticleOpacity), capable ‘…of helping setup particles such as they fade away as they move away from the camera.’
I believe they’ve ‘EPIC guys’ thought about everything, and the best uses camera space only. So particles are all you can see. What you can not see does not exist (maybe technically)

I do not know if making 3D particles totally transparent can serve as something capable of improving the performance when intends to use a quasi-unlimited amount it. I did not find enough information about it and time to test it, to know if particles or any other spawnable 3D object when it’s in totally transparency (invisible) in the level consumes memory and engine processes, and it’s totally ignored by render engine.

But anyway it would be very interesting to use ‘3dParticleOpacity’ function as one Default setting in any particle system In the case of improvement of performance and aesthetics use.